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If you need a new roof by an accredited contractor please request a quote from our crew. Our workmanship is second to no companies serving Barrie. We are the best contractor serving Barrie with a new roof no matter steel or shingles. Our crew will complete replacement shingle work. With the highest level because of our years of experience.
We offer free customer quotes, Call the shingle expert today. We are looking forward to giving the best shingle workmanship in Ontario.

Flat Roofing Service

Your roof’s eavestrough and downspouts work together. Protecting your home from water damage. They work in tandem to make sure that water runs off. Diverted water to ground level, prevent any leaks or flooding.
Our eavestrough and downspouts services include cleaning.
maintenance, installation and repair to metal or aluminum.

Soffit and Fascia Service

Soffit and fascia are parts of a home that enhances aesthetics. Ensures that a roofing system protects and supports. Barrie Roof Repair offers soffit and fascia services. In Simcoe County and surrounding areas.
The soffit helps to maintain ventilation, whereas the fascia caps the supporting rafters.

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Attic Ventilation Service

Barrie Roof Repair’s staff of residential roofing contractors in Barrie. Specialize in attic ventilation. We provide professional attic ventilation services. To ensure that your roofing system can let air flow in. Airflow is essential to maintain good indoor air quality. Keep the system protected from humidity and moisture.

Skylight Service

Skylight installation service
Skylights are a great way to elevate your roofing system and increase your home’s value. We offer professional skylight installation. We offer a repair service to help you bring in natural light to your residential or commercial space. 
A skylight that is not installed correctly. Or repaired by professionals. Can result in weather damage, compromised indoor air quality, and increased energy costs. 
Whether you are dealing with leaks. Or extreme weather conditions have wreaked havoc on your shingles. You can count on our Barrie team for the best quality repair services.

Roof Repair Service

Roofing Service safely
Barrie Roof Repair offers a range of repairs in Barrie to ensure your home is as good as new. Whatever problem your roofing system is faced with. Our roofing contractors will have a solution.
The roofing contractors at Barrie Roof Repair have the experience. The resources, necessary to provide long-lasting roofing insulation solutions in Barrie.
Our professional roofing company insulation services help to ensure that you have insulation. Great workmanship. Roofing insulation plays an essential role in maintaining ventilation. Temperature control, and structural integrity of your home.

Roofing Insulation Materials

While you can fix some roofing Barrie problems with minor repair. Or maintenance or thorough cleaning, certain types of roof damage requires emergency repair.
Barrie Roof Repair provides great emergency repair services. Barrie to help homeowners, business owners solve roofing problems sooner rather than later. If you call Barrie Roof Repair with a residential roofing emergency. Our roofing contractors will take immediate action. Whether that means immediate sealing a leak or a new roof replacement if it is beyond repair.

Emergency Roof Repair Services

Whether your roofing system requires shingle repair or needs to be replaced. oOur Barrie company is up to the job. With over 20 years of experience in the business, there is no roofing problem we haven’t faced.
We use quality materials that we get at a fair price, and take pride in being able to extend the fair cost to our clients. There is no reason why the quality of work and materials. Should not be unaffordable for homeowners or business owners.
Barrie Roof Repair’s contractors will help you maintain. Repair or replace any roofing system that has damage. Roofs protect the structural integrity of residential or commercial properties.
Everyone deserves to live and work under a new roof! Supported not just by a foundation. But by roofers who care and work effectively through the entire job.
Get in touch with Barrie Roof Repair today to get a free quote.
Barrie Roof Repair is a Barrie roofing company specializing. A comprehensive roofing services across the Greater Barrie Area including serving Innisfil. We’re here to help our great customers!

Roofing Reviews

Barrie Roof Repair Roofing provided a review of the roofing during a very hot summer, provided a competitive quote and performed the contracted work as requested. Job was well done with workers showing up on time and completing project on time. Well Done!
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Reached Barrie Roof Repair Roofing by phone, talked about getting a roofing inspection of the roof status & inspection was completed in a matter of days. Estimate was very favorable & worked was completed as scheduled. Very professional!
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